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Logic in Magic

Do you know what it takes to be a Top Agent?

Arvind Hirlekar’s workshop called “Logic-in-Magic”, where he meets, shares and narrates his experience of 25 years which has brought him to this level. This has helped him in creating a huge network of prospects & clients to break the ice and even get DOBs from complete strangers. The agenda of this programme is to share the knowledge gained by him with other agents so that they can all become top producers- His way of giving back to this noble profession.

Here is a chance to be a TOP AGENT How? Learn from the TOP AGENT himself. Arvind Hirlekar, recipient of Industry’s Top Awards presents the secrets of his success.

Arvind Hirlekar’s “Logic-in-Magic” is a full day workshop. No Motivational Speeches, No Jargon, No Stories. Just real practical skills of Prospecting using Magic Tricks. Real Life Situations & Relevant Magic Tricks Small & Exclusive batches with limited seats.

What is the Training and Workshop all about?

It is about how we work. It includes everything right from Prospecting to Servicing.
The focus is on how to gather prospects, how to use magic as an Ice-breaker, how to impress people and be in their memory. Magic Tricks are woven around the topic of Insurance and with a purpose like to get stranger’s birthday or explaining the importance of insurance.
The major part of the program is on magic. It is all taught by Arvind Hirlekar himself and the way he uses it practically. Batches are of very small size only 5-8 Seats.

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The main part being prospecting, Magic takes up the front seat.
Other topics include Arvind’s self-made MGM (My Gold Mine), the most important document for prospecting and new business. CCWC, EET, How to tackle if you are losing business to unscrupulous agents because of rebating
Office Tour - Ground Level Process in the office, TCB, Servicing Register, ScanData. Small things make Big Impact - Mensiversary, Doctors Day, Women’s Day, Festivals, Use of free SMS’s, Email Services and etc.

The Value

Insurance is my profession. Training is not.
Training is my hobby. I remember my early days as an Agent and feel that whatever I have learnt, I should share.
It gives me contentment.
But then somebody asked, why charge fees for it?
Yes, I did not. For first few batches. But one day 5 of the 8 registered people did not turn up, whereas I had cancelled my appointment with a client to conduct the session. And then I realized the “Value” of something “Free” is not
understood, the Magics, My experience and what I give in session, the whole day that I will take out.. the price cannot be worked out.
It does cost to setup a session like this but making money is not my intention.
My training program is for the ones who want to learn and who understands the value of the training.

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